Anxiety/In your eyes



6/11/2016 Two poems; One as stated and the other, a poem about watching the effects of love on someone



This foot of mine is stuck. 

Like sucking mud

every move I make in vain. 

Every struggle sticking me deeper

holding me faster. 

I know, I know what to do. 

Breathe in, relax. 

Let it happen. 




In your eyes


Drilling down, deep beneath the surface,

to mine the undiscovered gold of your heart.

This rich vein, thrilling with blood,

life vibrant, vital and pulsating within,

but how to bring it out?

How to bring the you out of you?

My smile and loving eyes caressing your soul,

a cool cloth to a burning brow.

I'll need more buckets to quench this raging inferno...

Eventually, I watch you soften, diamond into steel,

iron alchemically changed to hay,

then spun into gold.

Your eyes locked to mine leaving you nowhere to hide...


...and then the smile comes, slowly...


That great life-giving dawn, your sun rising.

after an interminable night, like death,

and a crushing weight is lifted off my shoulders,

flung from my chest,

dug from my heart...


And I find peace once more with you.

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