Battle bars



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The first rap I ever wrote

It needs a lot more practice, sung over the miss dynamite beat. Ideally I will have my own beets one day... in addition to having translations. Any of my songs that can be translated --- or any of the poems that would do ok as songs in another language, please translate if possible.


See this man's chatting — got bare weed,

I seen his weed and its like- bare seed,

One puff of a sp**** its 'bout to explode,

like oxide neutrino- its bound for the reload,

An this man talks bout gals, s****, tricks,

But can't count how many that he slept with,

An hasn't never not once been tested,

But he tells em that he isn't AID's infested,

He thinks that, he's the bestest -

Er- no mate, d*** is septic,

Don't demand respect, learn, got to earn it,

Gets gripped up, he a p**** and a grass quick,

Loose lips sink ships — worse than s**** with drips

The type that will bring down his crew,

But what can we do- cant teach man dem that act like fool,

He think he a man but he's a wife beater,

Worse than a tramp, a cheater,

Favorite drinks, white lightning with Stella,

He's a f****** p****, name should be Anobella


This other man chatting he got bare h***

I'v seen them gal, I'm like ''oh no'',

All a bunch of loony-toon's,

Fake hair, fake nails, pretty much goons

Type that you see up on Jeremy Kyle,

That's the only time they make me smile,

Having a laugh at your expense,

Your not clever, your not dench,

I know, you think your hench though,

Your not KFC – you're all chicken bone,

b**** please – you don’t make dough,

Cant even profit, off of a grow,

Listen- to the way that I flow,

Bet you didn't know that I knew though – that's just how it goes,

I keep my ears to the streets, and I'm on my toes 

Your ego is irrelevant, irrelevant is your ego,

Your flows s*** — you better go home, yeah u better go bro,


Then this p***, talking cars,

Sort of line, up in his bars,

Lying, don't pick up chick in whip,

Only whip he got is p**** whipped-

Or like, bin in a crash a bit of whip lash,

Celibate type that never seen g***,

Look, watch how man gets thrashed, beat on, bullied, dumped in trash,

To all them type, this ones for you,

Lyrically, you'll get slew,

When none of anything you said was true,

Oh, haven't you heard? 

MY weapon's my words-

Numb chucks- each verse,  

So you're getting merkt

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