Scarecrow meets his maker ( of deities and lovers)



Written on my walk in wardrobe wall 7/9/2009

Are you scared by how much I love you 

Do you think if maybe I loved you any less you would be a little more comfortable around me 

What convinced you to run when you saw me coming 

I was drumming on my thighs imagining your sighs of contentment 

As we rocked li'l granny's banana bottomed chairs

I care about what inhabits your head 

I wish I could crawl around inside your brain and scoop out the contents 

I'm jealous of anyone who gets to spend more time with you than I do 

I wish I could change your mind about me 

I wish I could rewind the clock back to when we first met 

So we could start this love thing all over again 

All aboard the maiden voyage of the relationship 

Rip my heart outta your hot little hands 

Understand I'm sitting on the edge of a balcony pondering the significance of life now that you're gone 

Every morning seems meaningless 

All my tears have dried

I'm all cried out over you 

I filled my carpet with a flood of sorrow and regret 

Last night my bed was wet with misery for all that we did and didn't experience 

Measuring your loss against the weight of shared memories 

Sitting on the fence contemplating hara kiri

A dangerous journey i took already in my dreams 

All the medicine necessary to stifle my screams 

Propogated by the horror movies i watched when my folks thought I was sleeping 

Weeping for the children we never had which only exist in some mad parallel universe 

Where all my illusions become intrusions into the realm of reality 

Will i be here tomorrow 

God only knows exactly  how permanent our relationship is with this earth we tread on

Fed on the  foetuses of aborted babies intravenously

We perpetuate the myth of human kindness while in our mental blindness we stumble through the darkness

We are humbled by the splendor of our natural surroundings

Who is pounding at my heart door but the one who gave me breath

Daddy catch me I'm falling

Let angels be my safety net as birds sing of my good fortune 

Satisfied with my life portion 

No distortion can twist

The truth is you the reason I exist 









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