Cruelty to flannanimals.



Egads, I have to lighten up!

 People do dumb things, some seem just mean.

Cretinous sub-beings that come with this machine.

I'm one of the dopes, my fins are not clean

but, fun and evolving hopes I pin a grin on the drudge routine.


 I defy reverence and when I can, gravity.

Vile is denied deference or sequestered in activity.

A pre-profiled severance, my gift for blessed brevity

and a smiled effervescence from my obsessed objectivity.


 There's plenty of sad out there too be had.

Scares of many bad, everywhere by the scad.

When I try to write mad it seems to creep into shad.

Not too bright but, I'm "plaid flannel clad glad" as a cad fish of this fad...

...:::Bubbles:::...and SpLaSh! >-=^;>


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There's more where that came from!