The Face Of Hate



Dismembered affections, Stitched together over time, Shaped this ugly creature, This emotional Frankenstein.


I’m on the ground
Pinned down by your weight
You stand over me, silent
I wonder, is it too late?

How did you get in,
Get through the door?
Who gave you access
That you now pin me to the floor?

I feel my chest caving
I’m struggling to breathe
An unwelcome intruder
I fear this is the end of me

What’s that you say,
You’ve always had the key?
I would never approve that,
Give you access to me!

You’re crushing me,
I can’t catch my breath
If you press much harder
I’ll lose consciousness

The air rushes in
My lungs begin to fill
Maybe I’ll survive this yet
Though your eyes could surely kill

What do they call you?
Take off your mask
If I’m going to die,
At least give me that

You came through the door
And took me by surprise
You’ve left my house in ruins
And now you demand my life?

Who are you, show yourself,
Why the mystery?
At least show me your face
The one who’s going to kill me

Take anything, take EVERYTHING,
But please spare my life
I don’t know who you are
But please, PLEASE, put down that knife

Now I feel your jackboot
Pressed hard against my throat
The airway is closing again
My mind is starting to float

Why is this happening?
Is this something I deserve?
Will I become another statistic?
What purpose does this serve?

I must come to my senses
If I’m going to survive
I must overpower this stranger
Or else lose my life

I feel your hold loosen
If only for a second
My eyes snap open, scan the room
In search of a weapon

You’re big, and you’re strong
Don’t know if I’ll win this fight
But I feel my strength returning
Perhaps I’ll live beyond this night

A twist, a turn,
And a surge of strength
I kick with all my might
A move you did not anticipate

Who is in control now!?
I’ll expose who you are
That mask is coming off
You won’t get very far

I tear at the black fabric
While I reach for the knife
No more hiding now stranger
It’s not me who’s going to die!

Shock and confusion!
I stare in complete disbelief
The face sneering back wickedly
Well…it’s me!

Twisted and contorted,
My likeness is grotesque
I pull back in haste
Loving myself a little less

Shock yields to recognition
Now I comprehend
I am my own worst enemy
Almost brought about my own end

As I stare at my assailant
This misshapen twin
I begin to see the scars
That changed you, ME, from within

Cuts that became infected
Wounds that never quite healed
Pain that kept increasing
Tears gave way to looks of steel

Each act, each snub,
Every word hurled in abuse
Produced this violent creature
That I now try to subdue

I lay down the knife
And guardedly soften my stance
I’ll help you to your feet
If you’ll give me another chance

A broken heart scorned
Shattered then splintered
Produced a dark wine
A cup that tastes oh so bitter

Dismembered affections
Stitched together over time
Shaped this ugly creature
This emotional Frankenstein

How truly frightening
To see you, ME, in this state!
Had I bothered to look in the mirror
I would have seen the face of hate

The Face Of Hate © 2017 by Kris Peterson. All rights reserved.

Posted February 6, 2017


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