Night Light



I wrote this one night as I lay awake at my cottage. Overlooking the lake, my view had a new light, far away in the distance ...


An interesting twinkle light

Has caught my sleepy eye tonight.

It’s summer at the cottage and although it’s time for slumber,

I prop up on my pillow and I cannot help but wonder.


Could it be a firefly in a twirling dance?

Floating in the evening eddies of the breeze, by chance?

Well, the light isn’t blinking and it doesn’t rise or fall.

I think it’s not a firefly and not a bug at all.


Way out, across the lake, could it be a boat?

Children tucked in sleeping bags — a family afloat.

A guitar strumming softly, with drinks sipped on the deck,

A loving family outing on the tiny lighted speck.


Maybe it could be a ring of campfire girls?

Laughter lights their faces as the glow lights up their curls.

Spooky stories, games and songs — they won’t sleep all night!

Lifetime bonds and memories made ‘round that campfire light.


Far out, across the lake, in my line of view,

A cottage may have just been built by island lovers too.

They can splash and play all day and watch the sunset!

Maybe they are lifelong friends I haven’t met yet?


Past the horizon, beyond where I can see,

A planet dawned. Maybe something’s looking back at me?

More souls in the universe and one turns to the sky …

Maybe it is looking up at me and wondering why?


Deep into the galaxy, angels look down

Through windows of Heaven with all the stars around.

Smiling, they peek through and shine down their love,

And sprinkle twinkle stardust from Heaven above.


Now Mother Nature says, and waves a gentle hand,

“It’s time for all my angels to be sleeping in the land.”

Now I can see quite clearly, what was that tiny light …

She winked down from up above and blew a kiss,


Good night.

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