the glass slipper complexity



We all have moments in our lives where we lose our glass slipper: moments where we lose a part of who we are.

The reasons for our loss differ, but closely tied to the event and the aftermath is a lack of love for oneself. Somewhere along the way we started believing that we weren't worthy of a beautiful life.

Some people never recover; others will spend their entire lives desperately searching for some “thing” to make them feel as good as being their true selves felt. 

Nothing is lost forever. Everything we need to become the best version of ourselves is within us.  Add love and you will find belief.  And belief can take you anywhere and everywhere you want to go.


 the glass slipper complexity

“she pulled herself in the wrong direction…”

that was the common misperception…

it’s not that she enjoyed it all

she lost her glass slipper at the ball.

What does she have to be sad about?

it’s simple, she should have gone a different route.

The things that went on while lost aren’t legit;

no supportive words will leave my lips!

Silly children, so apt to point and judge,

then grow to adults who refuse to budge.

Cynicism spread on their toast so thick,

propagating hate with their sugar coated whips.

Try to understand that we are the same

instead of arguing who won at the #1 game.

Pass her the glass slipper instead of walking past

help each-other to the finish instead of rejecting someone’s path.

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