Just A Lie




Just A Lie

Don't want to see your smile
Or the look in your eyes
Don't want to hear anymore of your lies
Just don't want to hear what you have to say
Gotta go
I just can't stay
Walkin' right out that door
Cause when you say I love you
I know it is just a lie
Don't want to remember
The carress in your touch
Or any of that crazy ole stuff
Guess I'll stay
The unlucky in love
Because it's just a lie anyway
I already have my wall up
A delicate heart
just can't handle the hurt
you say you want me
you want to wrap your arms around me
And take the hurt away
When you say you love me
you can't even look me in the eyes
we both know it's just a lie
You hurt me every time
I'm sorry
I gotta got go
I just can't stay
It's just not fair to me to live a lie
Cause we both know it's just a lie
just a lie

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