True Reflections of Trust Hope and Restoration



I wrote this poem in remembrance of my daughter, who died in a motor vehicle accident at the age of 13 yrs .This poem describes how death have been defeated, by love and life everlasting, It describes how God, NEVER, forsakes His children . GOD is absolutely trustworthy !



I've left the earth to go to heaven .

The trip was quick; I arrived safely .

I've never seen such beauty and splendour .

My feet I've placed on golden streets .


I know you miss me and still love me .

I know you'd want to hug and kiss me once more .

I know the thoughts of me will never end .

I know God has placed me in your hearts .


I am proud because I was part of you .

I am honoured because you've portrayed God to me .

I am a victor because I am in the Promised Land .

I am grateful because God fought for me .


Angels responded to God's request .

Angels ushered me into the best that be .

Clothed in white I stand and view the truths of God .

Clothed in white I kneel and give God the glory .


I am in a timeless sovereign place of perfection .

My spirit , soul and body have found perfection .

I am destined to be in His glory .

I am God's miracle !





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