Hank Moody and Dexter Morgan



Biblical Piece of Writing

It started on a warm summers eve with the wind blowing something heavy.
I took a look to my right,
he was arriving out of the drivers side door of his truck.
I spoke to him he motioned me inside the house
My house
I never disobeyed him, I admired him too much.
He spoke to me of a prophecy foretold to him by his father
A prophecy of a second coming
Jesus Christ?
"It's not as simple as that Hank-
Its more detailed."
I asked him to tell me more but he told me we had to leave
we were in the presences of spies
he warned
citizens of the city had been watching us for awhile I had known that much
But spies...
that one was new to me.

I felt as if we were in a dream but the steaming coffee on my face would have awoken me
and awoken me at that very moment
So I listened
He was a good, great man. A serial killer though
the most righteous
He did gods work. That's what I respected the most about him.
He lived by nothing other than God's rules.
Hell, he barely listened to me though every conversation
felt like a new beginning. we entered the car and began to drive
around this time I felt my everlasting deja vu again
full force this time like I had felt many other times this time it was different
"We're going to see him aren't we?"
We're going to see God, Hank.

I was bewildered not once had he told me he actually MET God
He looked at me as if he could Read My Mind
"I've never met him either.. My father was positioned under him before he passed"
It all started to make sense to me. His father was a brilliant man.
I only wish I could have met him.
The car came to a halt, we stepped in.
"It's been a long wait here for you two."
We were both in the presence of God, speechless.
We had finally made it.

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