TWS #2



Part Two from The Sun-Draped Edge — Inspired by what I think is a Leon Helms song that involved a lot of hand-holding and was covered by Old Crow Medicine Show and the Lumineers and the Milk Carton Kids.

The sweat and smell, the sound of an old crow’s warble
A sweet song of home & hearth
Where there’s hope and faith
That’ll free a heart from muck & mire
That’s why their hands are outstretched
Fingertips brushing the chords and notes
They’ve left their weights and cares at the door
Stuffed in the pockets of security
But as the music tries its damnedest to move them
To the space of love and possibility
The memories of worry root the feet down tight
No matter the energy of a bouncing jig
There’s no overcoming gravity’s albatross
Not with this world’s ammunition
But for a little courage
The hoots and the hollers of the Hellmouth
Shout out for defiance
Telling you where you need to be
Deep within the fire
Stoked by rhythm, fed by melody
The flames lick and caress
Tempting each hope and dream to jump past
And onto a stage to play and prance
Joining the drenched white shirt and dancing harmonica


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