A nod to a holiday modified cod.



Penultimate in the series.



 They stuck on these whiskers and pinned mine down flat!

They stuffed me in britches, this red shirt, coat and hat!

Then, quickly whisked me to where a big red sleigh sat

and stiffly insisted I'd tear some good headway in that!


 "Chewed up the test course, clocked off the display!

New magic dust source, stocked near the meter array,

When the deer start to list there's improved nitrous spray."

"And if I'm a fish?". "Don't injure sleigh or reindeer, okay?"


 I took up those reins, "let this sky swim begin!"

Shook loose some Ho laughs and went treetop trimmin'.

Cranberry Christmas! I think my, eighth worldwide spin,

I remembered "Merry Fish wish to all and to all a great grin!"


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