Dreams of Endor by Fallen Engel 2016



Swallowed in a sea of sinful lies, silenced by my shame, blood will cloud and blanket the moors and leach into Hell as the night sky bleeds red. Staring blankly into the sun, there are no paths back. Just winding, dark, obliterated cobblestone ways. Arcane knowledge, remnants of glittering spires and tasting blood flavored metallic zest, voices are burned of stone and dust, parchment scrolls echo, verses lost. Upon the hill I spy the falling towers, stone by stone, strong warriors eliminate dethroned wonders. Like anikan ancient tree that falls in the forest, do you hear the pillar topple in the kingdom? You washed your tentacles in the ebony muck while all this deep pathos and shattered mountains are revealed. I shall walk in the ashes of perishing thralls, my beautiful Endor is gone.


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