Self-Conscious Poetry pt1



Few days ago I wrote two poems about this topic. It's a collection of lines I thought of, but also for this one it's about having negative thoughts, and doubting how good you are..

Nothing to give besides these silly lines of mine

Nothing to hold besides my heart mines

Like mineworkers, I dig for gold

Which will be sold for the price of being old

How much does one line cost?

Maybe an experience? Or a lesson read?

Maybe a flight to the limitless?

“Enough with the soulless chat, don’t lose focus”

I ascend to the next level with the help of Otis

Free ads for the wealthy, now that’s bogus

Maybe like those line that I notice

Maybe it is all, with the words that I googled?

“Enough with the depression.  Ascend with your motives”

I write with one pen to the thoughts, with the minerals I sought

Nothing but mindless drought, through the ink of the light

Or maybe if I use my own blood, it’ll reach the might

“Sucker for pain? Is this what you call justice?"

A delicate flower I might be, but that’s me being Lotus

But what do you expect? From the words of the person with two ages

Was it twenty one or twenty? Let me settle and count my pilots

“Take a settle alright. Are you in a mine or a limitless space?”

What if they were both, the heart is nothing but the ace

Collecting many trophies, like an Arab collect ice

‘Fill it up’ he’d say, can’t bear the heat

Besides, who claimed the need?

For a place with an opening to end

It’s nothing but an ever-growing seed

A poet without labels, a Saxophonist without reeds

That’s what I am

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