There Was An Old Woman



This is just a humorous spin on an old classic nursery rhyme. Enjoy.

There was an old woman
With so many bills
She was broke as fuck
And didn't have any pills

So she took to the streets
And with any luck
She would find herself a man
Or just someone to fuck

A car pulled up
To her corner one night
Out stepped a man
What a beautiful sight

He gave her some cash
Oh he was so slick
So she dropped to her knees
And he whipped out his dick

His cock was so big
And when it got hard
Her eyes grew wide
"My god, it's a yard!!!"

She sucked, and she sucked
Then she sucked some more
This man was so lucky 
To have found this whore

She stopped sulking his cock
And with a look of sass
She turned around and bent over
And said "fuck me in the ass!!!"

He rammed his cock
Up her tight asshole
He knew any minute
He was going to blow

He tried to hold it
But he couldn't, alas
He exploded so hard
That cum spewed from her ass

So with a wink and a nod
And a tip of his hat
He got in his car
And that was that

She took her money
And went to her dealer
She needed some pills
So that they would heal her

She got some crack and some meth
And some LSD
What a trip she would have
Oh the things she will see

She grabbed her drugs
After she was boned
And headed for home
So she could get stoned

She looked at her bills
With those, still no luck
But she didn't care
Because she was high as fuck.

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