Now That You're Gone



/ loss


Autumnal breeze rustling waning flowers

Continual days of cold winds and showers

Grey skies, forlorn, blankets of mist

Nature in hibernation, nothing exists

The world has changed, tears at dawn

Life has no meaning now that you're gone


I think of our lives, the days of our youth

Never a lie, love based on pure truth

Your scent remains, faint hint in the air

But soon it will ebb, additional despair

Matrimonial bliss, a light that once shone

Loneliness my enemy now that you're gone


If only I could hear your voice one more time

Your cherry-red lips pressed against mine

Emerald eyes that glinted in the sun

Your laugh so contagious, the embodiment of fun

Death shows no mercy, time soldier's on

My soul feels so empty now that you're gone


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