If my pen could write my heart



29/9/16 A love poem about sacrifice and devotion... and being a standard bearer

I would write your face here,

right here, right now,

where I can see you.

I want to capture

every crevice in the skin on your cheeks,

every furrow in your brow

measured and defined and documented,

right here, right now.


I would write your beauty,

I would write it every day of my life,

in my blood, on my own skin...

I would paint you on me,

carve you into my surfaces,

so that every single person

who ever gazed upon me

would know you instantly, irrevocably,

as do I.


I would write your soul on mine,

in mine, in my words, in yours,

in the anguish and love on your face.

I would scream it, silently, in text,

captured here for eternity,

so that every mind which absorbs these words

would echo with the force of my will,

every soul would feel my love for you.




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