Our Secret



Monologue: woman recounts her experience at forbidden office romance. Her man is portrayed as wanting too much of a good thing. Is it good on both sides or is there an hypocrisy here? Everyone in love is a hypocrite. We want it to stop and never stop. The key -watch out for the twinkle in her eyes!

Our Secret 

We agreed not to touch hands in the office, have you forgotten? 
Stop forgetting things at my table
You are visiting our unit too often, everyone would soon notice
Down in the car park is no different, 
You park your car right next to mine
Running over quickly to steal several kisses
I may have to deflate your tires one of these days
Get hold of yourself, I know it is good but don’t push it
We are with responsibilities despite our indiscretions you know
What do you think you are doing? 
When you push against me in the corridors or kitchen! 
Remember to call me tonight, OK? 

Cash Onadele
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