Twenty Years and Counting - Chronic Insomnia



chronic insomnia

Prise me away from this ardent  curse

Tend to my wounds, be my night nurse

Please understand the sanctuary I hanker

To be rid of this ailment, my permanent anchor

Twenty years and counting, impalpable blight

Insomnia's slick one-two easily winning the fight

Petulance scaling my mind, seared and worn

Suffering as one, furore within, tethered and torn


The Consequences


Lethargy, apathy, severe lack of will

Body in meltdown, weak, ashen and ill

Tossing and turning, frustration and rage

Darkness is laughing, no door on the cage

Medication, prayer, not a scintilla of hope

Stumbling blindly across a tightrope

I stagger, I fall, the schism of my nightmare

Why do you torment me, unbalanced and unfair?

Sleep, sleep, why have you forsaken my weary soul?

Bequeath to me a few hours, slumbering black hole

A new stage of exhaustion, uncharted dead state

Visions revealed, madness, my psyche the dangling bait

Grey tendrils poking through, the dawn of a new day

Wretched insomnia, silent killer, filaments of decay


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