The End



Just A little Wordplay Wrote this within 5 minutes Feedback is Welcome

Glass Shattered

A monsoon full of cuts

Scratched upon the surface


Setting off a whirlpool of emotions

Oh boy

This volcano was rising

Feeling trapped in love

Like a torture chamber

Nobody warned me of danger

Asking the devil

What did I do to commit myself to his sins

Of unhappiness

Grabbed and held in the chamber of defeat

Lived in deciet

This was no relationship

This was a life sentence

Every second

Being thrown at his expense

Took me years of soul bashing

Nearly killing myself

From the pitty

But I spat out my sacrifices

Into his face

Told him I replaced his love for my own

After we finished that chapter it was time

For a new start

Let me begin


Poetry Written By Tammy Jeffers Wells 


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