Round colours



17/12/2016 Some words with no real purpose... just describing the colours of my imagination

Bite size pieces of today,

yesterday and tomorrow.


Bite size pieces of me

falling out of my brain.


Cascading like ice cubes...

splashing in glasses of coloured drinks.


I cut a rich vein of me,

slice it down its length

to make this beautiful rainbow

of emotion and personal truth.


I feel like bleeding green today,

the pale green of iceberg lettuce,

the fresh green of growing tomatoes,

the sickly green of bile.


 I think I will splash some reds...

it is Christmas, red hearts and candy canes...

I'll throw the red of watermelon flesh,

I will spread this red blood with my hands,

I will paint myself with it,

I like the way it contrasts with my pale skin...


I pull streamers of crepe paper

from my eyes, I vomit them out,

like a magician,

these pastel pinks, yellows, blues and greens...

and that mauve... that delicate sweet shade,

I liken it to musk sticks

and children's chalk sweets.


Back to reality.

To earth with my feet.

To mud and soil.

To dry grass

and wood.

Browns of solidity,

of dependability...

brown of finality.

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