A rose is not a rose without its thorns



A little poem that I wrote about life. Enjoy!

We cannot appreciate Spring's beauty
without feeling Winter's bitter chill.

We won't see the valley's majesty
before first cresting the highest hill.

We're blind to the price of a war's victory,
until we've seen the sacrifice and death.

We sometimes take life too much for granted....
until we witness someone take their final breath.

We cannot have a bountiful harvest
before we first sow our seeds.

And we'll never see a garden's true beauty
unless we thin out the annoying weeds.

We cannot have our lakes and streams
unless rain falls from the sky.

We can't go through life on merely laughter...
once in awhile we must allow ourselves to cry.

We cannot go through life expecting sheer bliss.
We must also endure the heartbreak, the losses, the scorns.

But life's not life without these things.
just as a rose is not a rose without its thorns

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