All I Need ( Original Poem)



Not every girl is looking for material things, some just want love.

He doesn't have to be a rich man or drive a fancy car. Honestly he doesn't NEED to have a car at all.
He doesn't have to be a genius but he must have some brains. He must have a job, be gentle, kind, sincere, independent and well rounded; basically he must know how to maintain.

He must be in touch with his feelings, no serious illegal dealings and be prepared not to bring any extra drama in to My life. And always ready to hold My hand through struggle and strife. It wouldn't take much to be My man at all. Just be willing to pick Me up whenever I fall. Hold Me at night when I'm cold and alone. Console Me when things are hurting depths in my soul.

He wouldn't have to spend all his time with Me, only when needed. He doesn't have to worship Me, just treat Me the way I deserve to be treated.

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