no not the worrier kind


No not the worrier kind

I cried out loud

Laughed out loud

And yet here I am knees bent

Arms crossed

I look into that distant, distant land

Tattered and torn

Looking forlorn

It wasn’t me!

Or was it?

Or was it you and I?

In a blink of an eye

I’ve lost my warrior

He lost the fight

He was my soul mate

We stood side by side

Warriors in arms

Lovers in arms 

He’s laid there to rest

With all the best

Covering the lands and seas

Where there was peace and harmony

Where there once were solid foundations

Now he and I are apart

Apart forever more

He remains in my heart

Never to depart

We have no more carefree days

As I walk through the walls

There is nothing, nothing

Just blankness, blankness

Like they have been whitewashed

You’ll always be with me

Emptiness, emptiness

Is blinding my vision

We spent hours just talking

Walking, walking

Along these near and distant places

Walking hand in hand

Giggling, laughing

Oh my love, oh my love

Now you are in a peaceful place

Leaving an uncertainty

Leaving me shield less, hopeless

You were my protector, my shield

Protecting me from those evil forces

Striving for the highest, tallest


Now that all is said and done

Here I sit feeling forlorn

But you my love above

Will never be forgotten

Forgotten from your forces, forces

Your army, your battalions

Your troops

They will continue to march on and on

They will never look the other way

They will stay

Forward marching

Forward distant drums are a calling

But for now I need to rest

Rest this restless spirit

I will catch them up

In the near distant future

Warrior, warrior for the peace

Peace for us and them

© Teresa Joseph Franklin

10th March 2017

All Rights Reserved




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