Mermaid Melancholia at the Fish Pants Dance Antics Ranch.



From; "Five Score More Tails From Off Shore With Blundering Fish Antics Galore" (Unpublished)


 Some weeks ago I would never believe

that a guest who had left could cause me to grieve.

At most, a few days and I need a reprieve.

I usually give praise when I see them leave...


 But a curious thing happened this time around

when a glorious being came to my sublime ground.

This oblivious fish, who wished not to be found,

still twists in anguish on the ground I now pound.


 "The song of the mermaid" still rings in my ears!

Like a long "Happy Birthday", celebrated for years.

Joyed, then annoyed and brought almost to tears

but buoyed by knowing another visit soon nears...>-=^;>

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