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Cast a cold eye
On Life, on Death,
Horseman, pass by.

(In stone: the epitaph of William Butler Yeats)

You think? you've been here all your life alone
close your eyes and mean it past fear now:

@ the heart of yours,
feel the slipstream shift? from behind
to ahead of who you are: the performance art
of neural atoms, protean conclusions in-progress

(screened pixelations of hung masterpieces, for example
recalling the shared nature of memory...
whos' go there from here unminded?)

Synaptitude. And so convincingly now: IS this really
the dream you "wake" within? or is the waking
only more of the dream itself?
lucidity, inside-outed, a metaphoric portal
to stand reminded by--that seamless
shock of recognition
in a welded fusion of mirrors
facing each, the other's share--
an ever-diminishing slice of Pi
in an arc of infinite reflection.
Maybe just the Universe trying to be Nice?

Of course it doesn't but suspend disbelief (or try to):
The buck stops reliably here! and what a bang for it--
throwing the voice of inner monologue like a potter
into second person, urging "Me" from "I"
into "You", a troubled marriage of convenience
framed in the haunted gravitas of mortality
a darkened glaze of ice-blue green


How what is known may in fact mount to be borne
by what otherwise would never have been

Not yoU, I'm writing to mE

sow from fiction to memoir then--made real, simple!
flexibly genuine as water over stone to sea:
shaded & flashing
nigh unto windmill! in visible armor,
Don Quixote...Gameskin on, dressed to Kill.

(See? after so beguiling a night...
he seems in stolen glance
almost made of the lifting fog he moves through
by that first betrayal of daylight: gait gliding
on a braced measure of devotion
empowered to surge into true-enough gallop
to bear the bittersweet attachment
of all your fault
over the fling
of an unforeseen bridge, as it whir--

Pegasus: a billowing roar of whitewater, sudden wingspan
it's miraculous; lean, cling...remember, remember everything)


Dream On Indeed...

Thus, MEAN this--even as it falls, re-take the rein
Pass by & ride then, Ride! over sockets dried-open underfoot
to the choir of a mouth agape at king tide
over a delta smoldering with everything
love meant to say,
discovery to share, awe to so confide...the hope
of a twice-possible river before
the endless arrival of this moment had its way,
overtaking that last look, repossessing lost nerve,
squandered consciousness, uninhabitable pride,
claiming the remains
of its day, in the all-passing
orbitality of interstellar glance, near-literal human racial
nano-secondary dust-puff,
but to Earth-bound eye a perfect storm of sentient circumstance
Cellular singularity, protozoa dinosaur, mammal & frontal-lobe clear
to self-boggling conception
of event horizon...the power of a journey
into common knowledge

fractal gobsmack!

a time-warped gestalt of continental drift,
control of fire, music, language, hunter-gatherer,
streaming cave-art...creation myth, global culture, recombinant DNA...
black hole...quasar...brain surgery, rocket science,

heart, hand,
face transplant...
Martian video, footprints on the moon...

Too much undercover of never quite enough. (who knew?)
Multiple choice: True or False...

Over the word then, made spirit again,
collapsing like bipolar ice-shelf
fresh to saltwater, a finalizing rite of passage
like aurora through optic nerve,

into great wavelengths of silence
from whatever time is left the world

absorbing the secret
of a promise
as much kept as broken.

--Artist General


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