This was classed as poem that was to have no full-stops or commas, it was an exercise that I recently took part in; at the Scottish Poetry Library workshop where we had to write 300+ words on any subject on our minds or even just a rant, this is rather powerful and raw but I look forward to opinions

                                                            NO RIGHT NO WRONG

The question of justice by the jury and the judicial system that is meant to justify the jurisdictional authenticity of the authenticness in an authorised yet not so authorised and organised yet disorganised system to which an unfair representation and misrepresentation is present or passed by like treating a leper an outcast an alien an elderly person who just doesn't don't and wont be accepted as being right for if they were to be wrong then they might be frowned upon by others such as aunties uncles sisters brothers from the family that think their sibling has done no wrong just like the words in the song only the strong survive and how long will the others remain alive and what if the other the loser the bruiser the user is found innocent will there then be any resent will they be content to live in a world of torment or will they be heaven sent as justice is a kind but sometimes cruel thing it can save you or it can condemn castrate confine you I mean who are we to say whats right or wrong to have a man or woman take their life losing maybe a child or a wife for ever and eternity does it matter to thee will you lose sleep cry or sigh or just say good riddance to and for a father a child a mother robbed of lifes greatest presence of guilty until proven otherwise of their innocence to be left out hung dry strung out string out noose around the neck a life taken stolen robbed but do they care do they heck as one life taken and one less person at the table while another is born in a cradle to take their place just a different body a welcoming face and so begins a new race without lifes trace of the other face while it sleeps now in a graved bed to all the world theyre dead and nothings left to be said .


© Grant Dickson 22/03/2016

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