The power of the tongue.



Its educative and inspiring.

The tongue is a soft part in the mouth that moves around, used for tasting, swallowing and speaking.

The tongue as defined by the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, goes beyond just the tasting of food, swallowing and speaking. 

All the good things and the bad things we experience in life, comes as a result of the tongue. 

To experience something good in life, it depends on how we use our tongue. Blessings and curses lies under the power of the tongue and they that love to use it, eat its fruit thereof. 

The way you and I use our tongue may bring comfort and great relieve to somebody and the way  we use our tongue may bring great pain, sorrow and discomfort to someone. 

In the nutshell ladies and gentlemen, as I said earlier, the tongue is a very small organ but it can set a great unquenchable fire into someone's life and it can also bring forever peace and joy to somebody. 

It is therefore important for us to control our tongue because the same tongue that brings blessings and happiness in our lives, can also bring great sorrow and anguish into our lives as well. 

We must therefore learn to use our tongue to say positive things in the lives of our family, friends and most especially, into our own lives. 

Even if the world is turn upside down and a mighty storm begins to blow against us and all our hopes are gone,  we should never and I mean never use our tongue to say anything negative into our lives but rather, in the midst of all these atrocities and calamities, we should learn to say positive things into our lives and our body together with the environment will hear and obey the confessions of our tongues. 

Let us be careful as to how we use our tongue. It might be that what you and I say today will not come to pass instantly but in the future, it might come to pass. 

That little organ in our mouth is more powerful than an atomic bomb and it can explode at its own convenient time and destroy many  things around us. 

The destruction might not be in a form of any property damage but it might cause a serious separation among ones beloved family creating hatred and heartbreaks among them. 

Even with the explosion of atomic bomb, people may lost their lives and properties but there is one thing it can never destroy and that is the love and respect we have for one another. 

That is why in the midst of these agony, pain and sorrow, we tend to lend a helping hand to our relatives and other unknown families. We lend them our shoulders to help them stand on their feet again. 

But with the explosion of the tongue, our properties and money may or may not be destroyed but the most important thing that is called love and respect will be drives out into the unsearchable deep forest. 

And if there is a problem, because there is no love and respect, hatred will take over leaving a mark on the present generation and the other generations to come. 

There will be no unity in the family let alone togetherness. No one will be prepared to lend a helping hand to others in the time of need. 

Leaving us to be miserable and totally neglected. 

Ladies and gentlemen, the tongue is in our  mouth and we are all responsible for the way we use it. The ball is our court!!



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