A Flurry of Feathers...



Light, gentle, humorous and hopefully gently persuasive!


Whether or not you’ve a way with words

Or a particular way with the birds

The kind with the feather’s preferred

For this comp, in case you’ve not heard


I would love a visit, it’s true

And maybe a comment or two

That’s why I have ask you to view

The competition I offer to you


So why not click the link below?

Join in; go on, have a go

Favourite bird? Let us know

Be it eagle, osprey or crow


A lunch box and bag is the prize

For children the ideal size

A bird pattern to delight the eyes

Be quick though! We know birds and time flies…


For a little bit of gentle fun, to launch the children’s ebook The Bird Dance and because I would love to hear from you AND to be in with a chance to win a beautiful bird design thermal lunch bag and matching box with cutlery from Sass & Belle, please click the link below and leave a comment. Thank you.

N.B This competition is in no way sponsored by or affiliated to Sass & Belle.



Thank you and good luck!





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