This intimacy is nothing like I've ever experienced before. I'm helplessly addicted to the illusion that is him. Featured in Dopamine, available via Amazon (worldwide, except China), Blurb (worldwide), Barnes and Nobel and more. (Also available on Kindle)

Dear Diary,
I believed he was all I’d ever need.
He’s like a forest fire.
Intense and enticing;
consuming every inch of me.
He’s cold against me.
I run my corrupt hands over him,
my tongue following them in succession.
His lifelessness only seems to respond
only to me.
The blood that poured from his wounds is
sweet and sad.
A welcoming breath of freshness.
We’ve lived the lies
and seduced the truth.
The faithful always end up alone.
Broken hearts always turn to stone.
Like the man who flew too close to the
sun I was consumed by flame.

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