Crisis manufacture 101



/ poem

My girlfriend refuses to discuss the manifestation of the Holy Spirit

So am I just looking for an excuse to cut you loose

But I don't need one to obtain my freedom 

But I worry perhaps you are the best woman for me 

So I will be giving myself a raw deal if I go searching elsewhere for satisfaction 

It's not just sexual attractiveness or arousal of curiosity I'm seeking 

I need a woman who stimulates me intellectually and spiritually as well 

Or maybe the different women in my life serve different purposes 

I know you don't just exist to please me

I'm not that ancient in my thinking 

You breathe for a higher purpose than delivering my every whim

You are not my slave or my mother 

You are my equal my friend and lover

But when I can't talk to you about everything 

When certain topics are forbidden 

It's easier to see you as an enemy 

Not that I'm not willing to negotiate what is open for discussion between us 

And what is a closed chamber forever locked and guarded 

By dragons, lions and knights with flaming swords

And grinning grannies knitting nets to ensnare you with spiderweb like labyrinths of ever more complex algorithmic thought 

Distraught you may be by this current set of circumstances 

But don't let it trouble you my lifetime love 

Or am I just kidding myself 

Am I just a temporary hook up 

A fading mist passing time idly while you anticipate your true dreamy frog prince

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