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Them four walls

You're sitting at home with nothing to do. Sometimes seems like those four walls are beginning to close in on you. Depression sets in, then your own mind begins to play tricks on you. You run a tight circle, which means you only "F" with a few. But don't get it twisted, even that few you keep one eye on them too. Putting your complete faith and trust in anybody other than God you find that seriously hard to do. Just like an enemy, those closest to you will also stab you in the back. Oh yeah, all those so called friends can be heartless too, some of them seems as if they've got split personalities who needs to be treated by a quack. You don't want nobody to see your misdeeds so you go out all alone. Then just like clockwork, when you're out doing wrong that's when somebody happens to always call you right then on the phone. Now that gots you feeling paranoid, you just know somebody somewhere must be watching you. So to be on the safe side you keep'em in check. You tell them nobody above the law, so for the ones doing the watching somebody else is watching them too.


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