She clings to shards of yesterday

Transient visions, some imprinted

A lengthy sigh, melancholy and joy

Cloudy fusion, echoes of life before

She wonders, she ponders, deep reflection

Waves of memories lapping against her brow

Life's story baked in countless chapters

Clear moments, hazy reveries, dancing within

Sounds protrude — elusive, defined, taking her back

Ghosts of the past rising from the ashes

People, places, moments, emotions

Smells regurgitating — delicious, odious

Oddments of slumbering memoirs

Pages floating on a silky surface

She smiles, she cries, tears, laughter

Mind opening, grime falling

Whole story standing before her

Exceptionally long life, beautifully crafted

Aged eyes rise to the sapphire sky

Weak strands of cotton wool white

Buttery sun smiling down

Scarcely a trickle of tepid breeze

Ancient oak trees continue to flourish

Time defying, rebellious souls

Birds watching, singing their little hearts out

Lush greenery, encompassed by charm

She adores the peace, takes it all in

She sits on an old wooden bench

Eyes focused on a particular headstone

Crumbling with age, weather-beaten and tired

Empty flowerpots, overgrown foliage

Years and years of neglect

She stares at the concluding page of her life

The silent ending, the finishing line

Her final resting place

Tranquility purifies her

She wants to stay here forever




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