It Is We



A poem about acceptance, transformation and hope.

The world falls away

Nothing more a man can pay

Only that which is the soul

What is it the heart holds

Easier to pretend than bleed

Ravenous hunger of love to feed

Walking dead, superficial spawn

Void and empty, dusk to dawn

Grasping at air, blinded eyes

Deafened ears, covered lies

Seeping wounds never healed

Hate filled soul’s darkness seals


The world falls away

Much more a man can say

Only that which is the soul

What is it the heart holds

The simple truth, no pretense

Stepping forth in love's defense

Filled with life, inner light shines

Communion again with the divine

Entering between, knowing eye

Hearing wisdom, willing to try

Forgiveness covers and heals

Loved filled souls beauty seals


Blended together yin and yang

Age to age life brings forth change

Embracing the totality of it all

Light and dark, wisdom's sweet call 

Together we choose to live or bleed

No longer you or me, it is now we

Flow of life, energy and vibration

Each giving forth a soul's creation

Learning through experienced sight

We can embrace, be in the light

Or merge into the shadows and fade

Consequences of choices already made


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