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Build it up.
Tear it down.
Start a fire.
Watch it burn.

Say you're sorry.
Turn around.
Level out.
"Don't you worry."

Passion builds,
The days that lovers
Mend the ills.

Return to bed,
Again, again.
Love renewed.
Take steps to wed.

Normal service,
Can resume.
For a while,
Love preserves.

But time gives rise,
To rejection
Of this life,
Without sad eyes.

So off you go,
Without a care,
To do your worst.
But why? Who knows.

How many times,
Can this girl,
Give her heart,
Give her prime.

Trust repaired,
O'er and o'er,
Comes at a cost
Forever owed

Tear it down.
Build it up.
Until you drown.
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