Lucifer in me



While good and bad both cart identical powers, they are present in each one of us. This speaks of that tiny dot of dirt present in all of us...

The ode of a tyrant, the substance you see
A knot in the heart and a glimpse of fate unveiled
Pretences the innocence, but get afraid not! Tis the deserted Lucifer in me..

Whilst the journey I lead unto, time revealed
The enchanted dominance of pride and glee
I held a sabbatical of thoughts, arbitrary

Time chose the venomous act
And threw me unto plain rust
Entwined in the stake of nothingness, I felt nowhere to be
The cauldron in my mind shook the Lucifer in me

I vacated my own realm, like the stolen child
Nowhere to go, nowhere to be, my pungent symphony
The quarterly wisdom erased when the need had to be
A faint glimmer it was, of the Lucifer in me

Attempt and a reattempt
Victory had no count on thee
Failure or a ladder, I wondered to thyself?
Was that too — the Lucifer in me..?

Benevolence or philanthropy
Good deeds I felt were a shield to me..
A shadow line of the past, time flies in wonder
That known modesty was the Lucifer in me...!

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