About the blogging platform that gives maximum exposure to any good writer

A world of smarty's,

Loaded with polished methodology,

Support with motivation,

With a group of writers,

Review composed on the dividers,

As beats of

Well that is the world

Of my blog beats



You as of now are a writer!

I’m going to stay here until the end

I settled on the right decision,

 And I am on the right way.

Attempting to get to my window ,

Without waking the mutts...

And setting off the lights.

 It is all about KNOWING

Where your window is.


Composing and knowing your character,

Confronting regular realizing,

That you are protected,

Perhaps not content.

In any case,

There. I feel through thought now,

Like never before.


For any writer who is

Most happy with conveying

Through the composed word, the potential

Associations offered by

Is very important for me.



Possessed the capacity,

To make associations in the,

Physical world that,

 Were beforehand impossible.

So why not you try Blog beats???

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