About feeling nostalgic

An inclination so settled in,

In the general human experience,

That it is not a minute,

We regularly pinpoint.

Carries with it a feeling of world-exhaustion,

Of trouble, a settled in comprehension,

That the very thing we crave is unattainable.

Why do we not just trek

And, fall into these illusions,

But, jump into incomprehensible waters,

Always, let ourselves sink,

Under the heaviness, we had always wanted?

Nostalgia is a liberality,

And, we get a kick out of the chance to enjoy.

There is something of a guarantee,

“Nostalgia” a whispered potential.

We realize that the guarantee,

Will stay unfulfilled,

We jump at the chance to neglect our rationale,

In the event that just for a minute,

Also, let the nostalgic web of untruths,

Weave around us.

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