Multiplicity Decrypts



A poem adaptation of a script/spec in progress--the premise for my feature film draft *working title* "Book Club #killer"-- #screenwriting

Multiplicity Decrypts

Written by JT SANZ


Devastated silence

rooted in his gut.


Signature shrill laughter

resonates her score.


His mission:

Defer her damaging talks.


He learnt of his strain,

a bore, her captor

her dessert toe tag arcane,

‘I am here,’ thereafter.


At the outset

flickering lights,

anguished squeals in haste

screeched its final howl.



No recollection.


He idles upon the mutilated figure.

Back to sanity: Vex

insane has gifted disdain


He yanks the fountain pen

lodged inside her nape,

new crimson listless-fluid,

gushed her drain.


The tepid blood oozing amid his fingers,

clenched filthy trophy.

A fist-held stent.


He’s disgusted leaving her to croak.

Sidetracked factious,

cocked head, unfettered hair, 

with coolness his intone.


A keepsake? Criminal tampering!

Deliberate. Self-soothing.

Wretched words.



An inflight karma’s obscure dusk,

scurried’ leapt the scene assault.


The culprit pen.

Nay his revenge.



I’ll do anything for you,’

Another utter transcends.

Brain bluster writ of error,

rant tambourines.

Wit has weathered


Brash vehement tenor.

Equal, if it spoke of seraphs

he’d startled aghast, ‘tis owned terror.


Unforeseen dichotomy.

Prevailed divergent split keen.


His spine stricken

with arctic-eerie waves.

In disbelief.

He behaved calloused. Worse.


The sinister abetting tainted hand,

belongs to his devotee—

toxic fan.


Multiplicity decrypts his front man.




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