Not Fair



This is a poem from my second upcoming book titled "More Hart ~ Less Hurt".

With your hand on my face,

Staring deep into my soul.

I feel so naked now,

As my skin begins to glow.


I can't help but smile.

My cheeks start to blush.

You tell me to be patient.

There's no need to rush.


That "come closer" look,

With those hypnotic eyes,

Has me eagerly entranced,

Completely mesmerized.


My body craves your touch.

I must fight this urge somehow.

Repeating in my mind,

"You're a good girl now."


Watching each of your fingers,

As they gently twirl my hair.

You know exactly what you're doing.

And it's not playing fair.


That devilish little grin,

Creeps slowly across your face.

My knees become weak,

As your eyebrow is raised.


My body starts to tremble,

As you gently grab my chin.

My heart begins to pound,

As you gradually lean in.


I feel the warmth of your breath.

The heat coming from your skin.

I don't want this to stop.

The magic is about to begin.


I can't take it anymore.

You're my drug for which I feen.

My eyes suddenly open,

I realize it was just a dream.


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