Healing and Spiritually Themed Poems



These three poems discuss healing from past relationships as well as manifesting a better life.





Not here.

Not this weekend

of stale, swampy beaches,

crushed, soft-shell crabs,

and angry silence.


I am too thirsty

to drown like this.

You ask me to imagine

your pain, your sorrow,

but the wind blows

through both of us.


We have not won anything,

and I hate this highway howl,

sickle-shaped moon,

mad, polytonality of trees.

It is pointless to collect

bird bones, study voodoo

or burn amber incense.

You will continue to do

the outrageous things you do.


Love claimed me

with your ticket,

just had to have me,

but I do not like this stop,

this piece of peppermint gum,

and these hot, swaying palm trees.


I would rather be waiting

back at the track

because somebody,

at least one crazy gambler

in the bleachers,

will bet on me,

and the wind will

carry me anywhere but here.


---Lindsay C. Lightfoot




Some lovers are more thorns than roses,

their bitter words stick under your skin painfully,

and for a while you yearn for their touch

until you realize they didn’t have much love to give.

They were more likely push you to the ground than help you up,

and no one needs someone to make life more arduous,

someone who makes sunlight seem grueling

and moonlight look as a sad as a skeletal bone.


Give me days of primordial sleep, deep smiles,

and long walks in nature.  Give me flowers and animals

playing in the forest.  No more painful connections.

Let me live as a divine child in green forests,

dancing, gathering healing herbs and flowers,

loving herself enough to heal.


---Lindsay C. Lightfoot




The impression you left is

only a small glint of sunlight

on my right dangling earring

in one picture during the final hours

of a particular evening—

just a spark, extinguished at sunset.


My faith will extend through the night,

and truth will follow as morning

always arrives.  Stars change positions in the sky,

new conglomerations of people gaze through telescopes

discussing theories about the mysteries of the universe,

and fears quieten, becoming a distant memory.


We all might be clichés, dust in the wind,

a grain of sand, fly-by-night characters, here and there,

but when we live as we were intended to live,

we are connected and able to manifest

magnificent changes with only concentrated thought,

a scientifically crafted prayer.

Love shifts everything.


---Lindsay C. Lightfoot

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