The Clouds



'The Clouds' is a piece that creates vivid imagination around the central idea of a cloud. Clouds form all types of shapes as they continue to change becoming opaque and transparent depending on the state of the sky. They are but children finding their direction weather whether restless or calm.

The Clouds


The clouds float in their intertwined mystery 

They rise and sink in the never ending dynasty 

of the sky….

They combine, forge and create new: 

shapes, patterns and take on the colors of the earth: 

bright pink, fluorescent red and dark blue: 

For there in the dark blue they are tranquil


along side of the moon. 


Look up at the galaxy and view the endless formations 

perceive a rabbit, bear or dog but they just play on our sensations 

never real shapes and always a blur what a sight to imagine:

how to float among the clouds. 


Unfortunately they come even from the bluest of skies

bringing rain and thunder from nearby 

and out of the blue the skies turns gray 

and the clouds cry all the water away 

They pout in their fit like children with no resolve 

they dance without stopping they start to dissolve 

and suddenly they calm when wind leaves alone 

their gentle fate takes on a prettier tone. 





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