Kanye West (an abbreviated history)



When someone is broken, if we pay attention, then no matter their name, fame or position, we should SEE it. Recognize the illness is real. Get well Kanye. lmr

I am a genius and
I am a mama's boy.
I am an accident victim... and
In my soul, I am
A  survivor!
I am a genius... and
I am a college drop-out.
I am a genius... and
A prophet, too, bro!
I am a producer.
I am an artist.
I am about the music.
I am a genius, yo!
I am rich.
I am famous.
I am eccentric.
I cut checks.
I am a hitmaker.
I am a loose cannon.
I am a risk-taker.
I deserve every Grammy!
I am a genius. A legend-
I am loved... and
I am hated.
I am Kanye.
Kanye West...
But don't tell
Anyone. Shhhhh!
I am broken into
Bits and pieces...
I spit mad lyrics.
(but i am broken)
I hear mad voices.
(but i am broken)
I am a bully...
(but i am broken)
Ask Taylor Swift...
I am fashion.
(but i am broken)
I am passionate.
(but i am broken)
I am a visionary.
(but i am broken)
I am multi-tasking...
And I am singing/rapping/
Unhinging and dancing
As fast as I can!
I am The Artist.
I am The Best.
I am the Second Coming:
I am "Yeezus!"
I am Van Gogh
I am Pablo.
I hear voices.
I hear voices, yo!
I am special.
I am chosen.
I am egotistical.
I am broken.
I am spiraling.
(but i am broken)
I am ranting.
(because i am broken)
I am spiraling.
I am ranting.
I am spiraling.
I am ranting
I am losing my grip!
I am Kanye, dammit!
Kanye West!
Catch me!
copyright © 2016 by L.M. Ross
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