The Beginning of Love



Sometimes the signs of love are as simple as the way you look at a person... Or it's wishful thinking. You be the judge.

Under your skin,

just below the surface,

where you hide your disdain

for normalcy,

sparkles a

near imperceptible

glimmer of

It twinkles at the corners of

your mouth

when you say my name,

as if the

mere utterance of that combination

of vowels and consonants

cracks through

the stormclouds

above the chasm

where you hide

your heart

(like lightning)

allowing the love

to trickle up,

reverse raindrops of

ineffable joy

that water your smile,

still only a smirk

but wholly genuine.

Though the words have been

surrounded by

a barrage of sarcasm,

know that it is ever so evident

what you mean to say,

and know,

I love you, too.

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