On fathers day I remember you still



/ poetry

This was written for my dad on fathers day who passed 5 years ago

How time passes by
And life carries on
People are born
People die
Your memories are not gone

Forgiving when we argued
And please watch over and on
Though if your livin a next life
How your memory lives on
Each day passes by
Round goes the hand of time
Still, it hurts that your gone

Dad from you I learnd a lot
Although wish I learned more
Your memory lives on

In the day or through the night

Still flashbacks of the sights
That we saw when I was young
In absence the heart grows fonder
Love you, wish you where here longer
Living visions start to wonder

Miss the time when I was younger
If we will meet again, i'd
Show you how I have changed
Somehow, for now, there is still pain

Yet when all is said and done
Our days still carry on
Under the moon, and sun

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