Sea shells lined with sand



27/12/2016 Three poems... all of them untitled. Two written from emotion and the third, from a desire for expression of no particular purpose

I greet this melancholy

like an old friend come to visit.

With a weary smile

and an intimate knowledge,

hello, loyal opposer.


I greet this melancholy

as I would a lover.

With warmth and an open heart,

I embrace the flood of emotions

it engenders. 


I call this melancholy to me,

like my life's work,

as an age-old project, dusty with time

but beloved and unmistakable

and heavy, to bend my back.


I hold this melancholy

to my breast,

as a drunk holds a glass of whisky,

broodily and possessively...

my white-knuckle grip glowing like a full moon.


I fall gratefully into this melancholy,

so familiar and comfortable it is.

We fit each other, this woe and I.

Its sadness settles on me like a favourite cloak...

and I rest.






Come and lie with me,

you with the cool skin,

and I with the fires of love

and burning passion.

Let me warm you

from the inside out.

Lie with me,

press your flesh to mine

and let my heat burn its way out

from your heart.

Let my touch make you shiver

as I sweat

and breathe as I hold mine.

Smile for me, now my love.

Now, smile.





I watch from the corners.

I avoid the light,

though it seeks me,

though I am a deft hand

and a natural at working it.


I hide in plain sight.

You see me,

but you do not,

and I like it this way.

If only you knew these depths...


...your scream would last

your entire fall into me,

and you would be screaming still,

though no-one would hear it.

It would echo in your heart.


I enjoy the dark, the cool,

the light, the warmth...

...but quietly, in my way.

Though I can be a party in my own right,

when or if I choose.


I sit where others stand.

I stand while others swim

and play where others are sombre.

This is my world, in it I am my own puppeteer...

I am a marionette.


I indulge myself, because, 

really, why not?

This is my space and my time.

Here and now.

...and you've made it this far, congratulations!


I joke to make myself laugh,

your amusement is not my priority,

it is merely a bonus.

I will take your hand now.

Can you gauge the sincerity in my gaze?


There are Queen eyes

and brown ones.

Mine are blue, and they are watching you

reading me...

I read you.

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