Consuming me



This poem is about being consumed from the thoughts you are having.

The walls are burning into a pile of words that consumed me,

Taking me everything I owned right from the moment I collapsed.


I was feeling like a thunderstorm that would be carried across my head,

The tears were also creating a waterfall of the unhappiness I had craved.


I felt the pressure on my body,

The weight was too hard to bare.


I tried to dance to shake off the memories I had stuck in my mind,

But the demons came and stole my strength.


The words yet again unraveled into a pile of lost hopes and dreams,

But washed away but turned even worse like a nightmare creeping up on me.


I was too fragile to understand the process that I was having,

I felt it was right to feel this way but it was not.


I never wanted any of this,

The pain was just too much.


How could I live when the aches and pains are too much to handle?



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