Lost identity...



when you tend to forget yourself...

You take one step, I walk all while
If we had to run, I’ve already jumped a mile
Wherever I went; you were there to please
But when the time came; your essence only ceased
A throb in my heart; I called out to you
The moments I owed; were more than few
Talks were rusty; I called them futile
This went on and on; that I fell over the aisle
In love with the I, whose was it..?
Yours or mine...?
A decade later reality blinked; it was you all while
Midst of my fear; what if I lose you
A gaffe over many; were only too few
Was there no space for you to see?
I had already lost; my own identity…
Now that I spoke; you called me an asp
Did you not recall; when did your lips ever clasp
Nothing but a lesson; I learnt in time
He said don’t ask me to justify; desires forever make you whine… 

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