The Tears of a Clown



Poem describing the roller coaster of emotions people go through and how they sometimes try to hide behind a mask... what its like to be the class clown when deep down you are feeling huge emotions


The smile that hides so much
pain, sorrow, sadness.
The smile that gives such glee
the sadness behind the mask
the Punchinello.
The mask cannot slip
for fear of what may lay behind
the things we all mist hide.

The tears of a clown
the sting of acid burns deep inside
the tears of a clown that no one else will see.
Hollow eyes no longer see the joy they once did
don’t feel the happy caress of love once known.
The sound of laughter faded to the point of silence
the sound of pain pure over-whelms.

The pain of love hurts to the bone
adoration not believed
A hero held in so many hands
the crush is just too hard to endure.
Expectation and perception crush
the heart and soul of the clown
whose only hope of redemption is
bringing smiles to faces 
that feel like impenetrable stone.

The jester plays the fool but holds much tragedy 
the heart of stone the soul of clown a voice of jollity
A longing for the warmth of joy
mixed tight with the fear of loss and loathing
of the clown within who wears the slipping crown
from pressure to perform from pressure deep inside.

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