There is a bloodstain on my sunrise
There is anger burning in their young eyes.
There is no beauty left in passion
when tools of destruction are the fashion

Can you tell me?
Can you reason?
Can you explain to me why
Another thousand soldiers were sent off to die
ravaged on the roadside of a foreign soil,
no daddy anymore but you still got oil . . .
children crying . . .
afraid of flying . . .
government spying . . .
Please don't tell me
our leaders are lying.

There is a bloodstain on my lunch break
This can't be happening, is it a mistake?
Where is the love that can revive us
When there's no peace that will survive us?

Did you see her?
Did you find her?
Its an Amber Alert . . .
another ones missing
all we have is her shirt.
Here is the footage of her leaving the mall.
Please if you see her will you give us a call?
Parents praying . . .
posters displaying,
newsman saying . . .
the dogs have found
a body decaying.

There is a bloodstain on my sunset. . .
Hey there are we having fun yet?
Enjoy your dinner, kiss your children . . .
Tell them a story and tuck them in.

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